The Queen's Address

Monday, 5/25/429

Good people of Alexia,

By now, many of you have heard rumors that the colony Ligot has declared war.

It feels like a nightmare, but I must tell you that the rumors are true. However, I promise that we will not go to war with our countrymen. We will resolve this peacefully, as the Goddesses teach.

Their declaration cites a number of grievances against us, such as ignoring their pleas for assistance in mining accidents and local conflicts, over-taxation on imports, and sending a team of commandos to assassinate a colonial and disrupt affairs. I assure you that these charges are false; we have made every effort the Council will allow to assist the colonies, and these “commandos” referred to in the declaration were acquitted of those charges in their own court! The declaration is a farce, engineered by our true enemy.

In the Last War, the nation of Tellix was the most resistant to unification and giving up the Old Religion. Lead by Marquis Piers, master of the Disciples of Monoth, Tellix fought against Alexia and the newly established Guardians of Peace. Piers made a pact with the devil Taqualik to swell his ranks with vile monsters. Despite this, we prevailed, though with great losses, including my ancestor, Sheridyn, and his sword, the Golden Star, which we believe has been in Tellixian hands ever since. Piers was never seen again and Tellix was successfully integrated into our world nation of Paixia.

Now, the Disciples of Monoth have reappeared, under the guidance of Kendall Oakes. It shouldn’t surprise you to hear that Oakes claims to be a descendant of Piers. We have reason to believe that he has influenced the leaders of Ligot as part of a plan to bring Taqualik to this world.

The threat from Ligot is real, but the best way to fight them is to strike at the heart of the matter. We have dispatched Guardians to the other colonies in an attempt to sway them to side with us, or at the very least, not side with Oakes. We will gather all of the allies we can. We have also taken measures to recover some legendary artifacts for the fight against the rising of the devils. Oakes is not to be underestimated, but with these weapons, we will defeat him.

With the Goddesses at our sides and the Guardians as our shields, Alexia and all of Paixia will weather this storm as we always have: with Sola’s resolve, with Luna’s love, and with Alyna’s wisdom, we will find peace, within ourselves and within each other. Farewell.

The Queen's Address

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