The Price of Peace

Session VII

The Missing Brother

5/14/429, Thursday

The party decides to begin their search for Flash’s brother by investigating the village of Jonzi. They book a flight on a “Hopper,” a small airship suited for transporting small groups short distances. An uneventful three hours later, the vessel is moored at Jonzi and the party disembarks.

They find the mayor, Brian LaFayette, in his office at the town hall. When asked about Wind, LaFayette says that he had been staying in the mayor’s home since three months ago, mostly kept to himself, but the day after his five year old daughter Charlone left for Alexia with her uncle, Wind stole a music jewelry box. When confronted, Wind flew straight up and left. Horace asked if Wind had ever associated with Charlone. LaFayette replies that he wouldn’t know and they should ask his wife. He asks Horace and Sir Frederik Kuhlricht to find Wind and look out for his daughter.

Meanwhile, Willow [played by Matt] sought out any Hunters’ Guild contacts and found a local man whom the mayor had approached to find Wind, which was odd, because he had told the others that he hadn’t talked to anyone.

At the mayor’s home, Elizabeth LaFayette offers Horace, Frederik, and Zion coffee and cookies. They discover that Wind had arrived in a crate from Brian’s friend, Dr. Otikul Steelhand. He stayed in their basement awhile until one night she found him with Charlone, playing with toys and dolls. She was concerned, but he seemed harmless enough. After that, he would venture outside occasionally. Things seemed fine until the fiasco, though Wind was always distant.

They check his crate and find a secret compartment with a letter for LaFayette from Steelhand. They return to the mayor, believing that he was concealing information. He tells them that he was in fact aware of Wind’s arrival; he and Steelhand were old friends, and Steelhand had asked him to give Wind a home. Wind was a faulty prototype and was sent to Jonzi as retirement. They get the uncle’s address in Alexia and return home.

Sir Frederik puts out a notice at the garrison to look out for a “metal man.” They head toward the uncle’s home. He tells them that Charlone is still in school and gives them directions. They head to her school: the Alexian Academy of Fine Arts. In the heart of the theatre district, it is no surprise that across the street is an auditorium. This one, however, is noticeably tall with a pair of stone statues on the roof. They surmise that this would be a easy place for Wind to watch the school, so Horace and Willow head to the roof of the Stonebeard Auditorium Theatre while Frederik and Zion look for Charlone.

Frederik and Zion find her in a classroom and have a short interview. They learn that she thinks fondly of Wind and would like to see him again. She thinks of the music box as hers, since her mother rarely plays with it anymore.

On the roof, Horace spots Wind near the edge. He also hears the sound the music box as he silently sneaks up to Wind. He tosses a tanglefoot bag, gluing Wind to the roof. Furious, Wind’s gem eyes glow red as he looks at Horace. Horace manages to calm him down and asks Wind about the jewels in the box. Wind seems confused, so Horace asks to see the box, promising to return it. Wind relinquishes the box, and Horace unscrews the base to reveal a space filled with glittering diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and the like. He removes the jewels and returns the box. He then convinces Wind to come with him to at least talk to Flash. Wind seems adamant that he doesn’t want to return home, but he agrees to meet his brother.

The party returns to the tavern where Flash was waiting. He pays Horace the remainder of the reward, and as Horace leaves, Wind sits and they begin chatting. Sir Frederik interrupts a short time later to tell Flash to keep in mind that Charlone would also like to see Wind. The mechanical siblings sit in silence, thinking, as Frederik leaves.

Horace and Sir Frederik make another air trip to Jonzi to return the gems. The mayor appreciates the peaceful resolution and gives Horace a sparkling diamond as a reward. The wife seems saddened to lose her music box, but her husband assures her that it is replaceable. The two return to Alexia, arriving late at night, so they soon head to bed. Meanwhile, Zion falls asleep in the Brass Dragon one and a half mugs into the Valignale Challenge.

5/15/429, Friday

In the morning, Zion appraises the diamond to be worth about 2000 gp. Willow shows off the gown she procured for this evening’s Dancing Lights Ball. They chat until they hear a scream from outside! They rush to the rescue and find a pair of gargoyles diving toward a woman. The party dispatch one of them quickly, and a few seconds later, two city guards arrive on the scene. The last gargoyle is surrounded, so knowing it can’t escape, it mauls one of the guards. They finish off the gargoyle and stabilize the guard.



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