Imperial Medallion

Starting stats:

Occupies the throat body slot, as an amulet. Allows the wearer to use dispel magic to counterspell spell-like abilities such as a warlock’s eldritch blast. Grants the wearer +1 caster level; this applies to things like duration, power, DC to dispel, etc., but not spells known or per day.

Legendary power:

After the Medallion is worn for 24 hours, it attunes to its wearer and grants its effects. Also, when preparing spells, the wearer may sacrifice any number of spell slots (or per day spell-like abilities) to add a number of charges equal to the spell’s level (e.g., giving up a third level spell and a fourth level spell recharges the Medallion with 7 charges), to a maximum of 50 charges.

These charges can be spent in the following ways:

  • As a standard action, expend 6 charges to cast dispel magic, at the wearer’s caster level, etc. (as if the wearer casts the spell), including the possibility to ready an action to counterspell.
  • As a standard action, expend 12 charges to cast greater dispel magic, at the wearer’s caster level, etc.
  • When casting dispel magic or greater dispel magic (including through the use of the Imperial Medallion), the wearer can raise his caster level for his dispel check by 1 for every 4 charges he expends.
  • Gain Spell Resistance for 12 hours equal to half the number of charges expended (2 charges per point of SR), up to a maximum of 10 + Caster Level, including bonuses such as that granted by the Imperial Medallion. (If the wearer has multiple sources of spell resistance, only the highest value counts. Spell resistance can be lowered as a standard action, as usual.)


Imperial Medallion

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