Golden Star

Starting stats:

+1 Holy rapier: The Golden Star is good-aligned, and deals an extra 2d6 damage versus enemies of the evil alignment. It bestows a negative level to any evil creature attempting to wield it.

Legendary power:

When the wielder strikes an opponent with damage reduction with the Golden Star, the opponent must succeed on a Will save DC 15 + damage dealt or lose 5 of its damage reduction for 2d4 rounds. If no damage is actually dealt, the target must still make a save (though with only a DC 15). Consecutive penalties from such hits stack, and the duration is reset each time to the last rolled duration.

For example, if Willow hits a Horned Devil with the Golden Star and deals 5 damage after damage reduction, the Horned Devil has to make a DC 20 Will save. It rolls a 3 and fails, losing 5 of its 10 damage reduction for 2d4 = 3 rounds. Next round, Willow hits him again, this time dealing 9 damage after reduction, forcing the Devil to make another Will save at DC 24. If he fails again, Willow rolls 2d4 = 5 rounds, so the devil has lost all of its damage reduction for 5 rounds. If he is hit again and fails another save, the new rolled duration takes over.


As the user progresses in level, the sword grows stronger.

Level 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
Power +1 Holy bane (evil outsiders) +2 ? ? ? ?

Golden Star

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