Tag: Loyalist


  • Queen Amélie II

    Queen Amélie II is a direct descendant of Sheridyn, the Great Hero of the Last War and the Messenger of the Goddesses. She has sky blue hair, the same as Sheridyn and the royal family since. Amélie is 29 years old and ascended to the throne when her …

  • Captain Kega

    Alkuun Kega was raised by his human grandparents in the capital city of Alexia. His grandfather was a respected officer of the City Watch and instilled in him a strong sense of justice and duty. Kega would later follow in his footsteps and become a …

  • T'Lavios

    T'Lavios was first seen with Melissa, the Queen's alter ego. He serves Amélie as an advisor and confidante, and runs affairs when she is otherwise occupied. He is a very old elf; rumor has it he fought alongside Sheridyn.