Dorien Arsisen


Level 12


STR: 10 +0
DEX: 14(16) +2(+3)
CON: 10 +0
INT: 13 +1
WIS: 15 +2
CHA: 20(22) +5(+6)

HP: 62/62
AC: 20 = 10 + 4(armor) + 3(dex) + 1(deflection) + 1 (natural) + 1(sacred) [Blue Hawk ring]

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Fort: +4 = 4(base)
Ref: +11 = 8(base) + 3(ability)
Will: +10 = 8(base) + 2(ability)

Speed: 30 ft.
Init: +3 = 3(ability)

M.A.B.: +9/+4 = 9/4(base)
R.A.B.: +12/+7 = 9/4(base) + 3(ability)
G.A.B.: +9/+4 = 9/4(base)


Silver Star: +15/+10, 1d6+2 (+sonic damage), 18-20×2
Rapier +1: +13/+8, 1d6+1, 18-20×2
Light Crossbow +1: +13/+8, 1d8+1, 19-20×2
Dagger: +12/+7, 1d4, 19-20×2
Falchion +1: +10/+5 [+15 Whirling Blade], 2d4+1, 18-20×2


Listen +16 = 2(ability) + 14(ranks) [perfect pitch]
Spot +4 = 2(ability) + 2(ranks)
Search +3 = 2(ability) + 1(investigator)
Perform (Singing) +24[+26] = 6(ability) +15(ranks) +3(skill focus) [+2 Silver Star]
Diplomacy +22 = 6(ability) + 14(ranks) + 2(negotiator)
Gather Information +22 = 6(ability) + 14(ranks) + 2(investigator)
Bluff +20 = 6(ability) + 14(ranks)
Sense Motive +18 = 2(ability) + 14(ranks) +2(negotiator)
Sleight of Hand +11 = 3(ability) + 7(ranks)
Perform (Oration) +10 = 6(ability) + 4(ranks)
Use Magic Device +17[+22] = 6(ability) + 8(ranks) + 3(skill focus) [+5 Wand Sheath]


Skill Focus (Perform: Singing)
Weapon Finesse
Skill Focus (Use Magic Device)


10/12 Bardic Music
Inspire Courage +2
Inspire Competence
Inspire Greatness
Counter Song
Dragon Song
Bardic Knowledge
Song of Something


Leather Armor +2: +4(armor), max dex: +6
Ring of Protection: +1(deflection)
Amulet of Natural Armor +1: +1(natural)


Bed Roll
Flint and Steel
Oil Flasks x3
Steel Tankard
Wooden Flute
Book: Human Songs of the East
Isaac’s Business Card
Boots of Dexterity +2
Wand Sheath
Medal of the Order of the Blue Hawk
Ring of the Order of the Blue Hawk,
Wand of Whirling Blade 48/50
Wand of Sonic Orb 7/10 [in sheath]
Cloak of Charisma +2


GP: 385


Detect Magic
Mage Hand
Read Magic
Ghost Sound

Cure Light Wounds
Charm Person
Tasha’s Hideous Laughter

Cure Moderate Wounds
Sound Burst
Whispering Wind
Detect Thoughts
Summon Swarm

Cure Serious Wounds
Invisibility Sphere
Lesser Geas

Rainbow Pattern
Cure Critical Wounds
Hold Monster

Spells per Day
3/3 0th – DC: 16 = 3(base)
3/3 1st – DC: 17 = 3(base) + 1(bonus)
3/3 2nd – DC: 18 = 3(base) + 1(bonus)
3/3 3rd – DC: 19 = 3 (base) +1(bonus)
1/2 4th – DC: 20 = 1 (base) + 1(bonus)
0/0 5th – DC: 21
0/0 6th – DC: 22
0/0 7th – DC: 23
0/0 8th – DC: 24
0/0 9th – DC: 25


Dorien was born on a farm in a little farming village not too far from Senvois. His parents, farmers by trade, raised him and his five siblings in the ways of The Goddesses and as workers of the land, rising at dawn to tend to the livestock and the crops then resting at dusk to repeat come the next morning. While this kind of work came naturally to his siblings, Dorien knew at an early age that a life devoted to freshly tilled earth was not the sort of life he wanted to lead.

At the age of eleven he opted to live with his uncle who owned a tavern called The Hawk’s Tail Pub in a neighboring town. The Hawk’s Tail had been seeing some hard times as of late and an extra pair of hands would certainly be of great aid. So Dorien began working in the kitchen and behind the bar. He became friendly with many of the local patrons and drank up much of their bar-talk and stories, but none caught his attention like the tales of the traveling adventurers who very occasionally were in town. Dorien was fascinated by their exploits and their heroic yarns.

As he collected stories he began to retell them later, often spinning them into songs of legend. It was discovered that he had a remarkable singing voice, and this attracted customers and more travelers with their stories.

For years this went on. Dorien slowly worked less behind the bar and devoted more of his time to writing music and singing, though he always made time to share a pint at the bar.

On a night, not long after his 22nd birthday, Dorien finished up a late performance at The Hawk’s Tail to much applause from the few that remained. He asked his uncle if he needed any help closing up for the night, but his uncle, proud and smiling, said no and Dorien headed off home to get some sleep. Several hours later he was awoken by pounding on his door. It was several of the villagers. They quickly informed him that the tavern was on fire and to hurry. Sprinting towards The Hawk’s Tail, the smell of smoke was thick in the air and the night was lit up by a light a few streets over.

When he arrived the villagers had already formed a bucket brigade to the nearest well, but it was doing little to quell the inferno. Worse though was that his uncle was nowhere to be seen. Screaming for his uncle he quickly ran to get into the building but three of the village folk held him back.

Suddenly, through the door his uncle emerged and collapsed on the ground outside of the flaming building. Dorien rushed to him, and in the light from the blaze saw that his body was horribly burned. The villagers helped get him to his home as the tavern burned slowly to the ground.

That night Dorien’s uncle died of his injuries. A short while before he died he begged Dorien to go out and make a name for himself, saying he had too much talent for a tiny village such as this. Two days later Dorien was 13 miles away on the road to Senvois, where he met a gnome by the name of Zionysus...

Dorien Arsisen

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