Wandalynn Dewshining

Owner of the Blind Flame Alehouse in Alexia


Cleric of Sola 6


According to Xavnon, the owner of the Laughing Lion in Senvois, Wandalynn is looking for entertainers in her tavern.

Melissa mentioned some of Wandalynn’s history: Once a Cleric of Sola, she was also an adventurer along with her husband and a dwarf wizard. While exploring an old dragon’s lair, a fiery trap killed the husband and blinded Wandalynn. The dwarf used all of his resources at the Magic College to save the husband’s life, but when he failed, he disappeared in shame. Neither he nor the husband’s body has been seen since.

Wandalynn since retired from adventuring and opened a tavern named the Blind Flame Alehouse.

Wandalynn Dewshining

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