Kendall Oakes

Governor of Tellix

Known information:
  • Can cast divine spells as a 10th level caster
  • Invisibility
  • Can use Suggestion or something similar
  • Eldritch blast
  • Hellfire blast

First encountered at the colony Ligot, where Kendall was summoned by the court to cast speak with dead and zone of truth. Was then seen at the side of Ligot’s Administrator Gulkon.

Kendall persuaded Gulkon to give the prisoners to Horace, Dorien, and Weiss. He escorted them to the cells and had them unlocked, but disappeared, making the scene appear to be a jailbreak. He watched as the party flew away from Ligot, his soldiers harmlessly firing crossbow bolts at the ship.

Later, in pursuit of the Imperial Medallion, Kendall confronted the party in the ruins near Senvois. The guardian of the forest Verdant distracted him enough for the party to wound him. He plane shifted to the Hells, taking Frederik with him.

He is next spotted in Dr. Steelhand’s tower, attempting to further manipulate Crash, having left the Golden Star in his possession. He is foiled again and is forced to plane shift away to safety.

Crash tells the party that Kendall is planning to “kick the Goddesses out.”

Kendall Oakes

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