Dr. Otikul Steelhand

The Father of the Metallic Men


Dr. Otikul Steelhand was mentioned in passing by Flash, the first metal man the party met, as his “Father.” He seems to be in the colony of Tipalia.

Otikul was born in Tipalia in 323 AG. His father, Bromar Steelhand, worked the mines of Tipalia until he had a fateful encounter with Prince Étienne in 347 AG, rescuing Bromar from a monstrous attack in the mines. They became close friends, and Bromar served Étienne as a court adviser when he ascended to the throne in 366 AG. The Steelhands moved to Alexia, where Otikul made a living as a blacksmith and later a magical researcher. Otikul bonded with Princess Amélie, born in 400 AG, becoming a surrogate uncle. When Étienne died in 419 AG, Amélie was crowned. Bromar passed away shortly thereafter, and Otikul remained in Alexia until he disappeared from the public eye in 426 AG, three years ago.

Dr. Otikul Steelhand

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