Captain Kega

Captain of the City Guard, Southern Division


Half-Orc Fighter 8


Alkuun Kega was raised by his human grandparents in the capital city of Alexia. His grandfather was a respected officer of the City Watch and instilled in him a strong sense of justice and duty. Kega would later follow in his footsteps and become a patrolman after his grandfather was killed by a gang of thieves.

He quickly made a name for himself as he performed his job admirably; while he was on patrol, no cry for help went unheeded and no criminal escaped. He was promoted to detective and was partnered most of his career with a half-elf bard. After years of commendable duty, Kega was promoted to Captain of the Southern Division, a position Kega finds dreadfully boring. He longs for a change of pace and would love to see some action again.

After solving the mystery in Chalice, the resident Guardian Victor recommended that the party look for Captain Kega of the City Guard if they’re ever looking for work.

Kega endorses the party’s investigation of the stones, and is currently holding Belben Nightenhawk in a cell. He’s also currently holding Clayton Anderson in his office, for his protection.

Captain Kega

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