The Price of Peace

Session XXII


6/13/429, Wednesday

The party sees Galenka’s ship above them and begin flying toward it. However, they soon see figures with black feathered wings on the deck and circling around the ship. They begin to heal their wounds from their last conflict as they see one erinyes dangle a halfling overboard at the end of a rope. She releases the rope, and Horace, who had been fighting on the deck, reaches out to catch the rope. He succeeds but loses his balance, grabbing a life-ring as he falls overboard. He activates the ring and slowly feather falls to the ground. The party count five erinyeses on the ship and turn to go after Horace. The rest of the ship’s crew is thrown overboard.

The ship flies toward the remaining survivors. Willow and Kell realize that Bubbles is still on the ship, so she convinces the rest that they need to go rescue him. They fly toward the ship and enter silently through the cargo bay doors. They hear a barely audible whine coming from behind a crate, and Kell spots a green flipper. He retrieves Bubbles then scouts the rest of the ship, seeing three men and three erinyeses on the deck as the two others patrol the skies.

Dorien attempts to reclaim the vessel by having alter self cast on him to appear like Kendall Oakes, and casts glibness. He enters the scene, demanding to know what they are doing there. The erinyes is unamused by this human, piercing his illusion with true seeing. She nocks an arrow, demanding who this human is. He claims he is Kendall Oakes, and while the men seem confused as to why and how he is on the ship, the erinyes calls his bluff and shoots him with a flaming arrow. The other erinyeses approach and draw their bows, and the first one tells Dorien that he has two seconds to get off the ship. He complies.

Horace looks up and sees this foul villain departing from the ship. He shoots Kendall with his wand of scorching ray, missing with the first ray, but scoring a sneak attack with the second. Dorien quickly dismisses the alter self and mourns the loss of his eyebrows. The party regroups and makes camp for the night as the ship departs toward Timberbrooke.

They wake up later that morning and head out by foot toward Timberbrooke. By mid-afternoon, they smell and see smoke. Fearing the worst, they approach closer to find rows of villagers impaled on javelins, likely the work of bearded devils. Every building is either ablaze or already burned down in the devils’ retaliatory strike. They head to where the caravan was to find it missing, with the Guardian Dietz on the ground, slain. Willow finds wagon tracks; the caravan apparently left in a hurry. They follow the road toward Alexia and catch up to the caravan around sunset. The party ask the leader which side he’s on, and he curses the Colonials and their devil allies. He thanks them for coming along, and they set up camp.

That night, Kell hears a noise coming from the rear wagon. He investigates and sees nothing. He casts detect thoughts and identifies three minds. He calls for them to come out of hiding and leave the wagon, and three men appear as one of them dismisses an invisibility sphere. Kell demands an explanation, and the leader claims that they are spies from Alexia who narrowly escaped the crash. They were stowing away in the caravan because they didn’t know who to trust. Kell does not believe the man, especially when he fails to charm Kell. Kell sounds the alarm and attacks them.

Two of the men move to attack Kell while Willow attacks the third. The third man casts stoneskin on himself. Dorien begins singing to fascinate the intruders, succeeding on two but not the caster. The caster soon moves to the other men and they retreat with a teleport spell.

6/14/429, Thursday, through 6/19/429, Tuesday

The trip is boring and uneventful. The party and Galenka miss the speed of the airships.

6/20/429, Wednesday

They arrive in Alexia, spotting scouts in the watchtowers around the outer wall. They are stopped at the gate and questioned briefly, then allowed in. The driver pays the party for their protection 4000 gp and a wand of see invisibility. They visit the palace to see Amélie. She appears as if she hadn’t slept in at least 24 hours. Weiss and her advisers are busy making plans; the other units of the Colonial army were not stopped, resulting in the loss of the Flying Fortress as devils teleported into the ship, and the armies should arrive tomorrow. Willow takes Weiss aside to inform him of the fate of Dietz and Timberbrooke.

Amélie meets Kell and thanks him for his aid. He tells her about these supposed “spies,” and she confirms that no spies had successfully infiltrated Ligot. She tells them that Kendall’s forces will arrive tomorrow, though Alexia’s colonial allies will not arrive until Friday. They spend the rest of the day preparing.

6/21/429, Thursday

Early in the morning, the army arrives from two directions. Horns blare and war drums pound. Kendall appears above the city, announcing in a voice that booms over much of the city that they demand the abdication of Queen Amélie II and the sovereignty of the colonies. The queen and five Guardians arrive and invite Kendall over for tea. He scoffs at her attempt at diplomacy. Amélie addresses the colonial forces, hoping to convince them not to follow this man who consorts with devils. Kendall mocks her and her Goddesses’ incompetence, and the illusion of him fades as flaming boulders crash into the city wall and a flock of griffins soar out from the forest to drop exploding boulders on the archers.



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