The Price of Peace

Session XVII

The Twin Pyramids

6/3/429, Sunday

Dorien leaves on a fast ship to catch up to the party in the jungle. They explore the pyramid, proceeding to the third floor, where they see a stone door with markings in the language of the ancient civilization from the Senvois ruins. Zion was unable to decipher it, however. Horace scouts ahead down a hallway, and two elven archers hear his approach. They order him to stop, and he refuses, so they attack. Horace tumbles behind one and attacks, and the elf bull rushes Horace onto a pit trap, which he luckily avoids. Two more guards approach from the other hall, flanking the party. They succeed in beating the guards, pushing one down another pit trap.

Dorien charms the fallen elf, who asks his new friend to pull him back up. He says the pit is actually a room on the floor below. They ask him about the door, but he says no one ever opened it before. Dorien checks the room below, which has three levers, one red, one yellow, another orange, and a light glowing blue. He has the rest of the party check the other pits: two are trapped, another is a similar room, with green, blue, and purple levers and an orange light. They give this information to each other and pull the appropriate levers, opening the stone door.

In this chamber, they see a large magical rock with an encrypted message on it. They wonder if the cipher is in the other pyramid, which their charmed friend Glimin says is controlled by Leviathan worshiping elves. He offers to introduce them to his leader, Henken.

They convince Henken that they are also enemies of the Leviathan, and they organize an assault team on the other pyramid together. They lead the party through a secret tunnel, noting another stone door halfway across. They ascend into the second pyramid, and the party convinces the elves to assault the main hall while they sneak around back. Cain joins the fight in the hall.

They head upstairs to the third floor, seeing that the design was nearly identical to the other pyramid. The pits only lead to the hallway below, so they check the second floor. At the end of each wing is a lever. They decide to pull them both simultaneously, averting the traps. The stone door opens, and inside is another rock with the key to decoding the other message. Zion finds that the message is “A circle broken, a circle reunited,” and as he speaks these words, the stone glows and there is a rumbling from below.

As the party returns to the ground floor, they find the Kraken elves were victorious. They return toward the other pyramid together, stopping at the door that was opened in the tunnel. Inside is a man’s shape on a raised platform, who levitates and turns around, revealing himself to be a mind flayer, likely stuck there for an incredibly long time, surviving by entering a hibernation-like sleep. He says, “At last, I’m free!” and the elves enter the room, saying that he was the one in their dreams. Cain casts some buff spells, and the mind flayer grips the amulet around his neck and points at him, dispelling his magic.

Zion blasts the mind flayer with a lightning bolt, dealing a tremendous amount of damage. The elves attack, but Dorien breaks the enchantment on them with the Silver Star, one by one. The mind flayer drops a brown gem, summoning a large earth elemental. The elemental attacks them as the mind flayer tries to charm monster Zion and Horace, failing in both attempts. The party defeats the elemental, and Cain rushes toward the mind flayer, who landed. He attacks Cain with his tentacles, but fails to grab him. The mind flayer soon falls.

Zion claims the Imperial Medallion from the body, as well as a bracers of armor +3 and a cloak of resistance +2. Henken presents Willow with his +1 hunting composite longbow in thanks. The party departs and returns home to Alexia.



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