The Price of Peace

Session XVI


6/2/429, Saturday

The airship returns to Alexia just after midnight, and Dorien wakes up soon after they arrive. They return to their house, where Horace is still awake. They explain to him that Frederik was lost in the fight with Kendall and go to bed.

That morning, they sell some of the artifacts from the forest and some extra gear, as well as purchase a few more items. Dorien takes the opportunity to sneak out to the airship tower, where he books a flight on a cruiser toward Sanctuary.

A messenger arrives at the house to tell Dorien that the Queen is back in Alexia, but he is nowhere to be found. The party heads out to the market to try to locate him.

Meanwhile, there is a knock at the door of Dorien’s cabin. An airsailor enters, introducing himself as Isaac. He says that the Goddesses are too weak and won’t bring back Fred. He says he can, for the low, low price of his soul and a small favor: killing Clayton Anderson. He offers the contract and leaves, giving Dorien time to think it over.

The party heads to the palace to see the queen. She is talking to a man sent back from Sanctuary with her: Inquisitor Cain Stone. She introduces him to the party, and they warn her about a possible assault on the Palace by Kendall for the Silver Star. The queen tells them that Cain should be able to assist them. They soon head to their ship to head to the pyramids in the jungle to the far east.

Dorien arrives at Sanctuary and demands that they bring Frederik back. They explain to him that they can’t as he’s not willing, and he’s happy in his afterlife. Dorien demands to see him, and the Goddesses petition Bahamut to allow Frederik’s spirit to visit. Their request is denied, and Dorien is inconsolable. The Goddesses tell him he is being immature and ask him to leave.

Isaac reappears that night in Dorien’s cabin for an answer. The Goddesses words have finally sunk in, and Dorien burns the contract. Isaac vanishes, leaving a business card on the table, should he change his mind.

6/3/429, Sunday

Dorien returns to Alexia and hangs out at the Blind Flame. Meanwhile, the party arrives at the village of Albus, near the jungle. The local guardian greets them introduces them to Simon, a local guide. They set out into the jungle. They spot some abishais and try to hide, but Simon’s chooses poorly, hiding in an assassin vine. They free him and dispatch the abishais.

Simon leads them to an old bridge. Zion and Horace make it across easily, but the old planks fail and collapse when Willow tries to cross. She grabs a rope and swings to safety on the other side. Cain and Simon climb down and swim across.

They get to pyramids, spotting something moving inside. They are ambushed by wild elves. They quickly defeat the elves. They enter another chamber, where they see a statue depicting the Kraken. Horace and Simon fall asleep, and Horace dreams of Kraken encased in ice, swimming alongside aquatic elves. Zion wakes them up with a break enchantment, and the session ends.



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