The Price of Peace

Session V

A Few Innocent Chats

5/10/429, Sunday

The party finish lunch at the Blind Flame and discuss the flowchart note they found in Minister Anderson’s house. They then decide to split up: Sir Frederik Kuhlricht wishes to visit Captain Kega and Belben Nightenhawk, while Dorien Arsisen and Professor Zion head to the Brass Dragon to find information on Lady S.

Frederik fills Kega in on the events concerning Clayton Anderson and suggests that Nightenhawk be sent back to the colony of Ligot soon. He then visits Nightenhawk and informs him that the murderer of his wife was Anderson and he had been apprehended. He then departs to join the party at the Brass Dragon.

Meanwhile, Dorien asks the bartender about Lady S. At the mention of her name, the other folks at the bar quietly back off, suspicious of these newcomers. The bartender points him to a table in the corner by the dartboard, where a hooded figure is talking to a halfling male and two burly men play darts. Zion decides to play with them, winning a small gold wager and overhearing a little bit of their conversation: the halfling is apparently an airship captain whom Lady S is hiring for a trip to Ligot. Zion and Dorien decide to leave and come back later when it is busier.

Rejoining Sir Frederik, they decide to visit Thoendithas Songslayer, who Frederik remembers owns a music store near the elven district. Furthermore, Zion realizes that the store is near the Scarlet Nymph Bar. Dorien enters the store while Frederik keeps watch across the street and Zion investigates the Scarlet Nymph.

Dorien talks to Thoen, noticing that one of the customers is watching him. He asks if Thoen has a more private place to talk, so he leads Dorien into a back room, where he keeps his “special” wares: longswords, lute-bows, and other equipment for the musically-inclined. Dorien asks about the money he received from Minister Anderson. Songslayer explains that Anderson paid for the instruments for the orchestra, a part of the royal Dancing Lights Ball this coming Friday evening. Dorien is a little suspicious, but generally believes him. Dorien leaves, looking over his shoulder to see if the other customer was following him and Convinces himself that he was alone.

Meanwhile, at the Scarlet Nymph, Zion orders the cheapest ale they have. He manages to resist the urge to spit it out in the bartender’s face. A middle-aged halfling seats himself next to Zion, ordering another ale and trying to pick Zion’s pocket. Zion spots him and the halfling aborts his attempt. He leans close to Zion, who can smell that he’s been drinking most of the day. He tries to whisper, “You should watch yourself, this is a front for the Thieves’ Guild,” as if Zion hadn’t already figured that out. He’s a little louder than he intended, so a human walks him away, saying, “I think you’ve had enough to drink tonight, Bank.” Zion drops a gold piece in the coin slot in the nymph and leaves.

The party meet at the Brass Dragon for dinner. It’s much busier now, so Dorien jumps on a chair and starts singing. He fascinates one of the bodyguards and the other tries to snap him out of it. Frederik and Zion use the opportunity to invite themselves to Lady S’s table. She recognizes them as the ones who took care of Anderson, and she thanks them for that. They ask her why she was working with someone allied with evil. She replies that she didn’t know of his associations until recently. Once she knew, she had Nightenhawk sent to take care of him. However, a lieutenant had him also spread the Ignomium stones, something Lady S did not approve.

Frederik asks her what her name really is. Seeing that the bar was still paying attention to the bard, she decides to remove her hood, revealing an incredibly beautiful human(-like) face and purple hair. Frederik and Zion think for a bit; the royal family, reputed to have a divine heritage, all have sky-blue hair, and the Goddesses have dazzling hair colors too. She says her name is Selenia, and they realize that she is a divine being, a fallen cousin of the Goddesses. Frederik asks if she follows the Goddesses, and she replies that she has had a few disagreements with her family.

Selenia says that she was going to return to Ligot to take care of her disobedient lieutenant, but offers them the airship ride in her place, since their answers to the Ignomium problem lie in Ligot as well; perhaps their aims don’t need to oppose each other. Frederik agrees, and Selenia tells them that the airship is set to leave next Monday, after the Spring Festival. She says that she will be in Alexia a while longer now if they need anything else.

Once they leave, they head back to the Blind Flame and head to bed.

5/11/429, Monday

In the morning, Wandalynn gives them envelopes that were dropped off by a Guardian. Inside they find invitations to the Dancing Lights Ball, with directions to RSVP with any Guardian. They go see Anderson, finding a Guardian along the way to tell them that they shall be attending.

Anderson is initially resistant, but a flaming dagger to the thigh by Dorien loosens his lips a bit. Anderson says he fears the devil he worked for would kill him, and Frederik convinces him that he can protect Anderson from the devil. Frederik learns that the devil goes by the name of Louis Candeux, a supposed baker in Alexia who hails from Tellixia. Anderson also relates his tale regarding Nightenhawk’s wife: they were having an affair at the time Candeux offered him riches and power beyond his wildest dreams in return for only his soul. Mrs. Mialee Nightenhawk was afraid when he agreed and said she would go to the Guardians. Candeux convinced Anderson that sacrifices would have to be made and she had to die.

Frederik escorts Anderson to Captain Kega and fills him in, asking him to protect Anderson. Kega is pleased to have something other than paperwork to do and has him chained up in his office. He calls for the Guardian Johann, who fills them all in on how to fight devils.

The party then spends time around the city; Zion researches spells, Frederik goes on patrol and tells the guards at the gate to inform him and the Guardians should Louis Candeux return to the city, and Dorien spends lots of time in the taverns.

5/13/429, Wednesday

Zion goes to the Mages’ College to return the flaming dagger and is given a 200 gp reward. He goes to visit Prof. Zalomon, but finds that he is not in his office, though his door is wide open. He returns to his own office to find Sir Frederik knocking on his door for lunch. They send a freshman to fetch Dorien, and together they activate the teleportation circle to Zalomon’s lab. There, they find all of the lights out or flickering. Frederik lights a torch and they venture forward, following the shouts, snarling, and scent of blood.

They find a dead human body with an ID card with the name Edward Noa. They follow the trail of blood to another small office, where they are attacked by a deinonychus, which they quickly dispatch. They find a cloth bag on a desk with no apparent bottom; Zion turns it upside down and out falls 25 gold coins, a fiery red magic crystal, and three magic ceramic-like tiles with colored lines. They quickly realize that they must be missing tiles, and the session ends.



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